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Captain Claw -- All Eight Bosses Defeated Without Losing Health
Sometimes I start with less than 100hp, but no hp is lost in the boss fights themselves. 1. Le Raux. When he's backed against a wall he slides forward and stabs ...
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How to download and install Captain Claw on PC
This video is a small guide which shows how to download for free Captain Claw, how to install it and play. Download link to all versions of claw ...
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Captain Claw (PC) - Level 8 - The Shipyards (Save Point 2)
My gameplay of Captain Claw. XD Hope you like it! ----------------------------------- Gabriel is a bit different from the other bosses.
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Claw: Monolith
This is a review of Captain Claw, an action platforming game for the PC from Monolith Productions. Not only was it notable for them following on the heels of ...
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How to download CLAW game FOR FREE
Here's the site:kapitanpazur.piasta.pl/ 7Zip download:7zip/ Please like,ment and subscribe!
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Captain Claw - FULL 100% WALKTHROUGH (All Possible Treasures) With Cutscenes HD
Seems like i can finally upload this video. This is a full walkthrough of an awesome game, Captain Claw, 1997, from Monolith Productions. I suggest you to see ...
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How To Download Captain Claw free without survey and advertisement
The Download Link is - gameloversworld/free-download-games/free-download-captain-claw/ If first file is not supporting use second file ...
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Captain Claw Speedrun 2015
Me trying toplete Captain Claw as fast as possible. I screwed up a few times, I probably could have done it under an hour if I did my very best. I've decided ...
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Captain Claw - all Cutscenes
Claw was the first realputer game I played and I played it a lot - though I could not finish it without cheats (maybe I will get to that now that I am playing it ...
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Captain Claw (PC) - (EXTRA) Cheat Codes (Part 1/2)
My gameplay of Captain Claw. XD Hope you like it! ----------------------------------- This game has got cheat codes that Monolith provided on the official website, ...
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Captain Claw Pc Game 1997 Full Movie HD
A very good old school plataform game!
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Claw gameplay (PC Game, 1997)
Introduction and gameplay for Claw (aka captain claw), PC game produced by Monolith in 1997 - squak/download/claw/2244/ Just starting ...
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Captain Claw - Level10 TheCliffs (Perfect Score)
This is the 10th level and one of my favourites. Yes it is long, it is letting room for mistakes, it is challenging and surely a pretty hard level to get a perfect score, ...
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Captain Claw - Level 3 [HD]
This is a walkthrough video for level 3. I decided to record this level again, because the previous video was in terrible quality (there were serious restrictions ...
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Captain Claw - Level 4 [HD]
This video was recorded by me (Zuczek) and uploaded along with the in-game sounds. I hope nobody willplain now ;) I loaded game twice, in both ...
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Captain Claw Speedrun old% v1.3 - 54:07:74 (PB)
Goodn overall, got the random red tail skip. Some stupid deaths and mistakes near the end, but good time nheless. Pretty sure that you can get sub 53 ...
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Claw any% ( speedrun in 47:54
skipped the 48, really goodn. next goal 46 -- Watch live at twitch.tv/pappy_qc.
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Captain Claw (PC) - Level 14 - The Temple (Save Point 2) [Part 2/2]
My gameplay of Captain Claw. XD Hope you like it! ----------------------------------- The final battle! Omar isn't very easy, but it's now or never to get the final gem!
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Captain Claw - Level 13 [HD]
This video recorded recently by Teo phil is my promise made to my YouTube channel fans. As we all know, that previous level 13 video was in bad quality, but ...
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Captain Claw (PC) - Level 9 - Pirate
My gameplay of Captain Claw. XD Hope you like it! ----------------------------------- Do you like mazes?
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Captain Claw On Windows 7/8/10 PC !! NO FRAMING ISSUES !
Link for the game is in the text file(for making sure the file doesn't get taken ...
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Captain Claw (Perfects Collection) - Pirate
WARNING! READ THIS! This level can bepleted only with glitch! First on youtube to get Perfect!. Yuppi. Next Level: ...
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Captain Claw (Perfects Collection) - The Temple HD
WARNING! READ ME Next Level: N/A Perfects Playlist: youtube/playlist?list=PLpz5x5wxRJf5b0VvR9AQyjLB8kpAarEys Claw Extra and ...
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Captain Claw (PC) - Introduction
My gameplay of Captain Claw. XD Hope you like it! ----------------------------------- The next game I'm going to record is from Monolith Productions, made in 1997: ...
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Captain Claw - Final Boss
Omar does not use any weapons, that is except electrical balls at the end. But it is very difficult environment around him that can beautifully miserable fight.
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How to download captain claw on android
Hlo guys please subscribe my channel for new notification like andent i answer allments.
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Captain Claw - Top secrets
The three secret bonus rooms that were really hard to find.
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