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Pluskim - Poliüretan Yangın Dayanım Testi (TS-EN 13501-1)
Pluskim Polyurethane Fire Class Testing.
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Reaction to fire testing
Fire reaction testing sector of the Testing Laboratory aplishes testing of consction products according to European (EN) standards and classification ...
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ISO 834: Fire resistance test for construction elements with EN 13501 classification (EN)
Fire starts with ignition until the building is entirely on fire. ISO 834 simulates an exposure to a major fire by a standard temperature profile for cellulosic and ...
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GLASS REFLECT Low-e fabric, incombustible EN 13501 A2
GLASS REFLECT is an high performance Low E fabric. It helps to save energy, by reflecting the heat radiation. Certified at EN 13501- A2 s1 d0 ibustible.
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платье SandyNa, номер модели: 13501-2
Страна производства: Беларусь Размеры: 46, 48, 50 Цвета: Как на фото Рост: 170 см Состав ткани: ткань – полиэстер...
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IMG 13501
Maestra explica cual es el problema de pago de esta quincena.
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Video con Interviste - Test di resistenza al fuoco UL10c FD120 e EN1634-1 EI120 di cerniere CEAM
Versione con interviste e sottotitoli del filmato dell'attività di Test di resistenza al fuoco delle cerniere Ceam, modelli 1131 e 1430. Le interviste sono state fatte a: ...
49 23
Alucopanel® World
ALUCOPANEL® is registered trademark and it is manufactured by Alucopanel Middle East LLC located at National Industries Park in Dubai, UAE.
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BIS Pacifyre® EFC Fire Demo
Fire Collar for insulated and non insulated plastic bustible) pipes and pipe systems. For apertures on walls (solid or light partition walls) and ceilings with ...
76 30
Holz PROF fire retardant testing in Sweden
Fire test of facade cladding by SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden. Sce wood cladding (18 mm) was treated with Holz Prof fire retardant and coating ...
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Simon RWA Brandschutzvorhang Fire Curtain FirePROtec E90 EW20 C2
Musteraufbau Brandschutzvorhang, Feuerschutzvorhang Fire PROtec mit der Klassifizing E90 EW20 C2 nach DIN EN 13501-2 Mock-up for the fire curtain ...
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Fire test UL10c FD120 and EN 1634-1 EI120 of Ceam Hinges 1131s and 1430
Footage of the activity of fire testing of Ceam hinges, models 1131s and 1430. The test has been performed according to Underwriters' Laboratories UL10b and ...
55 23
FSi Stopseal Batt Animation
Stopseal® Batt is a coated stone wool board used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of flexible & rigid wall and rigid floor consctions where apertures ...
43 14
PPE Cupboards
Our range of personal protective equipment cupboards enable the safe storage of protective equipment and clothing in the workplace. Robust steel consction ...
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Brandveiligheid volgens de NEN EN13501-1 Norm
brandwerendimpregneren.nl Vloeren en consctie onderdelen brandveilig maken volgens het bouwbesluit 2012. Hierin staat de norm NEN EN ...
33 30
Holz Prof fire retardant
The Holz Prof is environment friendly product. It is not harmful humans and animals. The Holz Prof easy to use, can be over-coated with paints, varnishes and ...
90 36
FSi Silverseal STD and HS Compound
Silverseal® Compound is a Gypsum basedpound, used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of floor and wall consctions where they have been ...
72 18
FSi S-Line Pillows Animation
S-Line® Fire Pillows are an ideal product to create a temporary or permanent fire barrier around many types of services to prevent the passage of fire through a ...
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Burnblock - Organic Fire Retardent - Polish Company OLDEN- Fire test chipboard
Chipboard is flame retardant according to technology developed by a Polishpany OLDEN. OLDEN only Polishpany has the following documentation ...
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FSi Pyropro HPE
Pyropro HPE® Sealant is a water based, acrylic sealant utilising a reactive formula that has intumescent properties to reinstate the fire resistance performance of ...
41 25
FSi Flexi-Coat
Flexi-Coat® is a highly flexible water based, acrylic coating used in linear gaps where voids are present in floor and wall consctions as well as service ...
56 28
Inlap - Einschub-Brandschutzklappe von AIR FIRE TECH
Einschub- Brandschutzklappe INLAP EI 120 S für den Einbau bzw. Nachrüstung in Luftleitungen aus Wickelfalzrohren. Geprüft gemäß ÖNORM EN 1366-2, ...
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HowTo - Adhesion of polystyrene building decoration panel
Akfix 960P is a oneponent aerosol polyurethane adhesive foam curing swiftly with moisture. Providing very fast and powerful adhesion for various ...
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Fire laboratory Peutz small flame test
Beelden uit het laboratorium voor brandveiligheid van Peutz. Het betreft de zogenaamde kleine vlamtest volgens de testmethode omschreven in NEN-EN-ISO ...
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FSi Pyrocoustic Sealant Animation
Pyrocoustic® Sealant is a water based acrylic sealant used to reinstate the fire resistance of wall and floor consctions where apertures are prated by ...
64 15
FSi PS Coating Animation
PS Coating is an ablative coating applied to stone wool board to be used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall consctions where apertures exist ...
24 7
Fire laboratory Peutz small flame test edge exposure 90°
Beelden uit het laboratorium voor brandveiligheid van Peutz. Het betreft de zogenaamde kleine vlamtest volgens de testmethode omschreven in NEN-EN-ISO ... Next
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