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Linux Find Out CPU Architecture Information
commands as follows getconf LONG_BIT uname -a grep /proc/cpuinfo ld -v arch file bc or file /bin/ lscpu (not shown in video)
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x86_64 Linux Assembly #1 - "Hello, World!"
An introduction on how to write,pile, and execute code using NASM Code used: pastebin/3gMBBCbj.
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How To Get Android Device Information Using ADB (Android Debug Bus)
How To Get Android Device Information Using ADB (Android Debug Bus) Links: Subscribe This Channel ...
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centos 6 - check system info
chek system info on centos 6 : ##memory cat /proc/meminfo ##cpu cat /proc/cpuinfo ##harddisk df -H ##stability w ##centos version cat /proc/version cat ...
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List Hardware Specs in Linux
This video helps linux users to find the specs of their pc using terminal. Themands used here are lscpu lshw cat /proc/cpuinfo cat /proc/meminfo.
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SUDO - Programming for the Web
SUDO An introduction to Super User (sudo) on Linux. Thanks for watching. COMMANDS & LINKS: sudo : Super User do,n themand with Super User ...
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Comandos en la terminal de linux: cat, less y el directorio /proc
Mediante el uso de losandos cat o less (tambien "more), en los archivos dentro del directorio /proc/, los usuarios pueden inmediatamente acceder una ...
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WHATEVER.udf.me Tutorials/videos - Ubuntu/Linux Get hardware information
dmesg - Detected hardware and boot messages lsdev - information about installed hardware cat /proc/cpuinfo - Cpu Information cat /proc/meminfo - Memory ...
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Gl Tools android (how to change your GPU)
My first video hope you like it. GL tools download link : play.google/store/apps/details?id.n0n3m4.gltools.
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Dissecting the Android Bouncer - Duo Tech Talk - December 2013
Google's Android Bouncer was intended to shore up weaknesses of the Android Market by testing applications within a dynamic analysis environment to ...
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Ubuntu / Linux System Commands
Music by audionautix/ tutorials and more : url.udf.me/RlrQJ whatever.udf.me Subscribe here ...
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دورة لغة الاسمبلي و شيل كود
السلام عليكم مرحبا بكم في درس جديد حول تعلم لغة الاسمبلي و شيل كود على نظام اللينكس درس اليوم هو عبارة عن...
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الدرس 4 : خصائص المعالج
Storage Systems by Dr. K. Gopinath,Department of Computer Science and Engineering,IISc Bangalore.For more details on NPTEL visit nptel.ac.in.
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